Beginner Guide to using a Circular Saw | Step by Step Guide

Hello everyone, This is our very first article about saw Reviews and Guide. Like many other people, I also do my own home DIY projects. My goal is to not only save money also learn something new to make different things on my own. That’s how I came to know about different types of saw and tools which are very useful in our home and Garage. Among different types of saw, the Circular saw is my favorite one. Carpenters and builders need this saw every day cause this is the most useful and handiest tool for them.

Circular saw is the one of the most used and affordable tools cause it is more accurate and safe to use for home projects. If you are a newbie and thinking about to start a DIY projects in your garage then you can consider this tool to buy online. There are different types of tools and machines available for different types of works. Still you can use this powerful tool to in cutting woods, roofing, metal, and many other materials. Your safety should be the first priority, at the same time it’s comes with very sharp and accurate blades.

In this article, we will share about saw Buying Guides along with user guides. This step by step guide may help you to learn about how to use a Circular saw. Hope you will read this till the end to become an expert on it.

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How does Circular saw works?

Circular saw
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Before start learning about how to use Circular saw, let’s have some basic ideas about the working mechanism. Every machines needs power source to make it run. Depending upon the machines and tools it may required gasoline, battery, and electricity.

Most of the time Circular saw uses electricity to make powerful spinning. Basically electric circular saw is the best to use in the every situation.

There are some basic features that you can use with this tool. Also, there are different types of Circular saw you can get.

Basically, a Circular Saw comes with an electric motor. Each saw contains different types of motors. The most suitable one comes with 5000-6000 RPM of power, which is sufficient enough to do all kind of task.

There are different types of blades you can use for your saw. Just remember the blade should have enough teeth to make a proper cutting. Sometimes you also need to check the sharpness and the gaps between the teeth, which plays an important role if you are a regular user of it.

How to use a Circular saw? Step by step process.

What kind of Job or work you do regularly? No matter, if you have not use multi function circular saw yet. Then we will recommend you to first learn the process of how to use it.

Before turn it on, you have to understand the way the circular saw might be used. So, here is the step by step process to learn it.

There are various companies out there who are making different types of circular saw like a mini circular saw, portable circular saw, etc. Some of the most famous companies are Ryobi, makita, etc. Before you start using you have to learn how to handle it correctly.


Before starting your day you have to make the measurement first. It really doesn’t matter what kind of material you are going to cut. If you are a carpenter and you have to cut some pieces then you need take the measurement first and need to keep the material in a steady surface.


Pick your marker or pencil and mark the areas where you need to cut. We will recommend you to use a table to make all the process. Instead you can use a table saw if you have plenty of pieces to cut.

Setting up your saw

There are different types of depth settings you can adjust with this tool. 40-50 mm is the average settings that you can use most of the materials.

Start Cutting

Once you done all the above steps now you are ready to move into the next step. Hold it properly on the front and rear handle. Once you start it let the blades spin fully and then push the machine through the mark. Don’t push it hard let the saw finish the job.

Once you have complete the process, release the trigger and let the blade to stop completely. Always try to do it easy and cool mind otherwise it’s a monster machine.

Uses of Circular saw

At the end of this article we are going to share some of it’s uses, which you might need to know before you buy.

Rip cuts

This is the one of the most common cut that anyone can make it through a Circular saw. There is no particular blades needed for this, just normal blades are enough make it.

Cross Cuts

You need some more practice to make a perfect Cross cut. If you wish you can use more teeth blades for better results.

Miter Cuts

Circular saw is the perfect tool for Miter Cuts. It’s very easy and clean process to do.

Can we use Circular saw for Multitasking?

Yes, it is a great machine for Multitasking.

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